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Pairing Wines

Green Street advocates the enjoyment and relaxation of wine and food together. The flavors of wine, the varied structures of wine, make food taste better. Food and wine are made to go together.

We believe that life is much too short to enjoy only chardonnay and cabernet. There is a whole world of discovery just waiting for us. We are all different – bringing different memories, differentexperiences, different tastes to the flavors of wine. What we each bring to the enjoyment of wine – unique to eachand every one of us – is why one person prefers one style of wine to another.

We subscribe to only one rule when it comes to matching wine and food – the best wine to pair with your meal iswhatever wine you like. When wine and food are paired together, both taste better.They taste better because it’s the combination of flavors that makes the dish.Matching the flavors of food and wine can give you a new, more interesting flavor.

In selecting a wine, a good, general rule is that the sturdier or fuller in flavor the food,the more full-bodied the wine should be.