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Sandwiches, Wraps & Sliders

Our sandwiches, wraps and sliders are made to order. If combined with a salad or bowl of chips, they make a delicious and hearty lunch or dinner for your guests. Each order can be customized to meet you and your guests’ needs.

Specialty Sandwiches

Specialty Sandwich Tray – 8 specialty sandwiches, cut in half. Specialty sandwiches of your choice or an assortment. If combined with a bowl of salad or sides, it is enough for 14 to 16 guests.    126.00

Individual Specialty Sandwich  15.75

Choose from:


Rosemary Lemon Chicken – oven roasted tomatoes / mixed greens / herb aioli / rosemary bread

Chicken Salad – GSR chicken salad / curry aioli / field greens / cranberry pecan bread

Prime Rib – oven roasted tomatoes / red onion, thinly sliced / mixed greens / Dijon mustard / Point Reyes blue cheese / rosemary bread

Oven Roasted Turkey – oven roasted tomatoes / pesto / fresh basil / basil aioli / cranberry pecan bread

Caprese – tomato spread / fresh mozzarella / pesto / fresh basil / olive bread

Traditional Sandwiches

Traditional Sandwich Tray – 8 sandwiches of your choice, cut in half. If combined with a bowl of salad or sides, it is enough for 14 to 16 guests.    106.00

Individual Traditional Sandwich     13.25

Choose from:

Choose Meat: roast beef / chicken / smoked turkey / pork tenderloin / corned beef / tuna salad / ALT / BLAT

Choose Bread: sourdough / multi grain / rye / rosemary / olive

With: mayonnaise or chipotle aioli / mixed greens / tomato


Require 24 Hour Notice

Slider Tray – includes 16 sliders.     76.00

Additional slider     4.95

Choose from:

Beef – grilled onions / pickles / mayo

Tri Tip – grilled onions / chipotle aioli

Beyond Burger (vegetarian) –  grilled onions/grilled pineapple/BBQ sauce/shredded lettuce/avocado

Roasted Poblano Turkey Burger – Ground turkey mixed with BBQ sauce, gaucho seasoning/poblano chili/pepper jack cheese/grilled onions/shredded lettuce/chipotle mayonnaise

Note: Beyond Burger and Turkey Burger must be ordered in groups of 4


Wraps – (24 Hour Notice Required)

All wraps are in a flour tortilla unless otherwise stated. Wraps may be sliced in half/thirds/or 7 pieces.

Wrap Tray – 8 whole wraps of your choice/sliced as you prefer     104.00

Individual Wrap – sliced as you prefer   12.95

Choose from:

Gaucho Chicken – avocado / tomato / greens / chimichurri spread

Grilled Vegetable – chipotle tomato spread / cotija cheese

Mango Turkey – roasted red bell peppers / slaw / mango chutney spread

Roast Beef and Spinach – mustard horseradish spread

Make it a Meal

Add any of the following on to your sandwich, wrap or slider tray to make it a full meal.

Bowl of Potato Chips – housemade / dusting of parmesan cheese  35.00

Fresh Fruit – a bowl of fresh fruit salad of the season    53.00

Bowl of Salad – Price varies by type. View Salads.