Specials – July 24 – August 6

Skirt Steak with Ancho-Onion Steak Sauce – Skirt steak, charbroiled, with our ancho-onion steak sauce, roasted sweet potatoes and fresh vegetables.     20.95

Snapper with Orange Chipotle Vinaigrette – Fresh snapper, sautéed and topped with our orange chipotle vinaigrette. Served with fresh vegetables* and yellow rice.     19.95

Shrimp Torta – Sautéed shrimp topped with pickled cabbage slaw, Sriracha mayonnaise on a La Brea Telera Roll.  With sweet potato fries.     14.95

Green Street’s Chicken Salad – Our famous chicken salad, tossed with fresh fruit, toasted almonds and curried mayonnaise.  Served with fresh greens and fresh fruit.     14.95

Seafood Pasta Jambalaya – Chicken, shrimp, Andouille sausage, onion, bell peppers, zucchini and tomatoes tossed together with penne pasta and Andouille cream sauce.     17.95


Featured Grill Cheese Brie and Goat Cheese BLT – Goat chjeese and brie together, bacon, green tomatoes on grilled La Brea Brioche    13.95

Featured Quesadilla White Quesadilla with Arugula – Fontina, Mozzarella AND goat cheese, arugula drizzled with lemon vinaigrette  10.95


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