Specials – August 9 – 22

Skirt Steak with Ancho-Onion Steak Sauce -Skirt steak, charbroiled, with our ancho-onion steak sauce, roasted sweet potatoes and fresh vegetables.     20.95


Grilled Scallops with Pineapple Salsa -Giant scallops charbroiled and served with our tangy pineapple salsa atop jasmine rice.     21.95

BLAT – Bacon, fresh greens, avocado and heirloom tomato sandwich.  With mayonnaise on sourdough.  With sweet potato fries.     13.95

Green Rice Salad with Pesto Chicken – Charbroiled pesto chicken served over greens and brown rice tossed with fresh herbs, white cheddar cheese, green onions, peas and pine nuts with our balsamic-lime juice vinaigrette.     14.95

Pasta with Crab, Garlic and Fresh Herbs – Blue Crab tossed with linguine, garlic and fresh herbs.     19.95

Featured Grill Cheese

Grilled Mozzarella and Spinach BLT – With bacon and fresh mozzarella, on sourdough bread, fresh spinach.       12.95

Featured Quesadilla

Cowboy Steak -Tri Tip rubbed with spices, pepper jack cheese, Poblano corn relish.   14.95


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