A Tribute to Green Street and You!

Green Street Restaurant….three decades of………

The grand dame turned thirty on February 9, 2009….if she was human she wouldn’t want a fuss to made…that’s her nature. Thirty years in human terms is just a blip, in restaurant years it is almost unheard of.  For thirty years:

Ø      She has stood quietly in the background always making sure the focus is on the guest and the food.

Ø      She started by serving breakfast and lunch on east Green Street in a one room, eighteen-table café in 1979. Thirty years later she is owned by the same family that created her.

Ø      During her tenure hundreds of area restaurants have come and gone, many far more flashy, many receiving far more media exposure and yet thirty years later she still proudly thrives.

Ø      She’s had some work done. Her interior walls have been transformed from stark concrete, to bright red, to the present papered and topped with beautiful cherry wood. Her walls going from an aqua-teal to a combination of yellow and purple to the leafy design they are presently.

Ø      Her chairs have been filled by young and old. She has been the location of so many of life’s significant moments. First dates, marriage proposals, a baby’s first time out, anniversaries, birthdays, going away parties and reunions of all sorts.

Ø      She’s been a respite for many to getaway from a too hectic world…..a place for a quiet breakfast as the smell of fresh baked zucchini bread hangs in a room filled with soft, classical music. A lunch or dinner with co-workers, friends or mates always with good food and a welcoming staff.

Ø      She’s been a place where deals are done, agreements signed, events planned, bribes offered (or so we’re told) and big decisions contemplated….always with a flavorful meal and an amiable server taking care.

Ø      She’s a nurturing sort. Supportive of hundreds of community organizations, especially those helping children and youth. She’s employed a diversified staff, some as young as sixteen and one as old as ninety. Each bring a different background that blends together to form a group of people who are simply the best.  Each delight in providing caring experiences for all who walk through her doors.

Ø      She has changed through the three decades. Once known as a place for great salads her reputation has grown as a place with a serious offering of dinner entrees, wine list and creative drinks from the bar. Always with the Green Street touch of wonderful flavors and friendly smiles.

Ø      Green Street is bigger than any of her caretakers who accept the daily challenge of being better than we were the day before.

Honoring Green Street is really about honoring you, our valued and worthy guests who have come again and again. Thank you for making it possible to serve you for thirty years and for the old girl to reach this milestone!

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