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Children’s Menu 

12 and Under. Adults ordering from the Children’s menu may incur an additional charge. Children’s Menu prices available only in-house.


Pancake and Sausage or Bacon 1 buttermilk pancake/sausage link/or 2 slices of bacon. Log Cabin syrup/real whipped butter.     4.75

French Toast  A slice of brioche bread/our egg-cinnamon batter/grilled.  Topped with powdered sugar/Log Cabin syrup/real whipped butter.     5.75

English Muffin with Peanut Butter Thomas’ English muffin/toasted/peanut butter. You may substitute any of our other breads for the English muffin.       3.25

Cinnamon Toast Cinnamon and sugar/hot buttered toast of your choice.     3.25

Oatmeal Made to order hot oatmeal. Milk/brown sugar on the side.     3.25


Glass of Milk  Regular/Lo-Fat/Non-Fat 1.75     Full size glass     3.75

Fresh Orange Juice   4.50     Full size 5.50
Cranberry or Grapefruit Juice 3.25      Full-size 4.25

Lunch & Dinner

Sliders 2 Sliders/house fries/or fresh fruit.     6.95

Cheese Sliders 2 Sliders with American cheese/cheddar/Swiss/or Jack cheese.  House fries/or fresh fruit.     7.25

Hot Dog House fries/or fresh fruit.    5.25

Parmesan Chicken Half chicken breast/pan sautéed/sage butter sauce/choice of fries/brown rice/fresh fruit.     7.95

Grilled Cheese Sourdough/whole wheat/or rye bread with American/cheddar/Swiss/or Jack cheese.  House fries/or fresh fruit.     5.95


Cheese Quesadilla A flour tortilla /Jack and cheddar cheeses.  Guacamole/sour cream on the side.     5.75

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Sourdough/whole wheat/or rye bread.  House fries/or fresh fruit.     4.95

Spaghetti With butter and olive oil/red sauce or plain Parmesan cheese/slice of sourdough bread on the side.    5.75

Macaroni and Cheese Sourdough bread.     5.75


Glass of Milk     Regular/Lo-Fat/or Non-Fat         1.75     Full-size glass      3.75

Sodas      Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper,  Sprite, Pink Lemonade          3.75

Fresh Orange Juice     4.50     Full size        5.50
Cranberry or Grapefruit Juice     3.25      Full size     4.25